Those persons, either male or female, who can prove direct descent

from an individual who conducted a tavern, inn, ordinary, or other type of

hostelry prior to 4 July 1776 (within any of the  the American Colonies that existed at that time).

The dates shown below correspond to the first settlements known to exist in their respective colonies. The first known colonial tavern was established in the year 1633/4 in Boston.

  Connecticut 1633 New York 1609
Delaware 1638 North Carolina 1653
Georgia 1732 Pennsylvania 1682
Maryland 1634 Rhode Island 1636
Massachusetts 1620 South Carolina 1663
New Hampshire 1623 Virginia 1607
New Jersey 1664  


Alabama 1719
Florida 1763
Louisiana 1714
Mississippi 1699

There is no age restriction for members. Feel free to enroll your children and grandchildren!

In colonial times, taverns, inns, ordinaries, pubs, and other hostelries were usually kept in a person's home and no other building usually existed for this purpose. Therefore, the majority of these businesses as we think of them in that time probably did not have names. In smaller communities, "named" taverns probably was not the rule. In larger ones, however, often these businesses had names to distinguish them.

The key to establishing membership is proving that your ancestor was licensed by the local authority (usually the Colonial Court) to conduct the business of keeping taverns, inns, ordinaries, pubs, and other hostelries, or to sell spirituous liquors. The name of the establishment is not necessary. Brewers and distillers do not qualify unless they were also licensed taverners or innkeepers.



You must complete our application form, providing your lineage to a verifiable qualifying ancestor. A copy of the documentation for each fact must be included. "Copy" means either a certified copy of a record or a photocopy of the original. DO NOT send original documents.

There is a life membership fee of $200 which includes a nonrefundable examiner's fee, our membership insigne, and a handsome membership certificate. There are no annual dues. After your membership  is established, we welcome supplementary applications to other qualified ancestors. The current fee for a supplemental submission is $50, which also includes a certificate.


For an application and instructions, please contact the Keeper of the Tavern Records,

 Alex Bannerman, at TavernRecordsKeeper@gmail.com

    and specifically request these items, noting ""Flagon & Trencher" in the subject line,

  or download the Application and Instructions here.




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