Objectives of the Society



To establish the good repute of colonial tavern keepers and innkeepers through:


  • The collection of information concerning taverns, tavern keepers, tavern customs, recipes, menus, and all other data that may pertain to colonial taverns and and inns and their keepers.

  • The dissemination of such information to the Society's membership, and eventually to other interested persons and organizations.

  • The building of a body of genealogical records reflecting descent from colonial tavern- and inn-keeping ancestors.

  • The fostering of a spirit of good fellowship and friendship among members through meetings and other means inherent in these purposes.


What type of people were our early tavern landlords? Here you have some contemporary testimony that these men and women had good standing in their communities, were respected, and above all, jovial.

On the other hand, there is some evidence that some few, at least, were not so gracious and did not always keep such an inviting establishment.