We have published thirteen small volumes of biographies of tavern keepers.

See the Table of Contents. These are all available for purchase. Please use our merchandise order form.

These brief volumes are NOT all inclusive; rather, they contain biographies of a

few taverners and innkeepers who have been treated to date.

There are many thousands of men and women who served as taverners and innkeepers over the course of

the 140-year-long time period on which our Society focuses.

After reviewing the contents, if you wish to submit a biography of your ancestor,

please contact the Keeper of the Tavern Records for instructions on how to do so.

For a more complete list of qualifying ancestors, please click here. You will want to revisit the website

from time to time to check for updates.




As a member, you may also want to join our record extraction project.

Flagon and Trencher has undertaken a record-extraction project to identify all qualifying operators of colonial taverns, inns or ordinaries.

The time period of interest is prior to July 4, 1776, within any of the American Colonies that existed by that date.



  • Whether or not you are a member, you can assist us in this project.

  • Genealogists, local historians and others can contribute to the success of this ongoing project.

  • Submissions can take the form of either paper copies or electronic transmission.

  • All contributors will be acknowledged.

  • For further information please contact the Keeper of the Records.