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The Flagon and Trencher:
Descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers

Luncheon Meeting History
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Some Meeting Statistics

1965 - Fraunces’ Tavern, New York City. Hosted by Dr. Kenn Stryker-Rodda and Richard and Elizabeth Hubert. Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Scott, "Tavern Keepers of the Dutch Period"

1967 - Schoellhamer Brewery Tavern, Philadelpha, PA. Mine Host: Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. Speaker: Dr. Anne Matonis, "Medieval Cooking"[top]

1973 - General Wayne Inn, Narberth, PA. Mine Host: Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. Speaker: Eugene P. McFarland, "Tavern Keepers of British New York City"

1974 - Cooke’s Tavern, Plainville, CT. Mine Hostesses: Miss Susan Findlay and Elizabeth Hubert. Speaker: Harriet Stryker-Rodda, "Pierre Pia, Tavern Keeper"

1975 - King George Inn, Mt. Bethel, NJ. Mine Hostess: Betty Andersen. Speaker: James Hayden, "History of the King George Inn"

1976 - White Horse Tavern, Newport, RI. Mine Host: David W. Dumas. Speaker: Eric Ekholm, "Archeological Digging at a Tavern Site"

1977 - City Tavern Club, Georgetown, DC. Mine Host: Nicholas D. Ward. Speaker: Dr. Howard L. Hamilton, "A Biologist’s View of Colonial America"

1978 - Lincroft Inn, Lincroft, NJ. Hosted by: Helen and Douglas Wright. Speaker: Andrew Ward, "Jersey Lightnin’"

1979 - Maryland Inn, Annapolis, MD. Mine Host: C. St. Clair Jones. Speaker: C. Owen Johnson, "The Weston Tea Party Held at the Golden Ball Tavern, 28 March 1774"[top]

1980 - Newton Squire, Newton Square, PA. Mine Hostess: Janice Eicholtz Rodriquez. Slide show of the area’s historic sites.

1981 - Deerfield Inn, Deerfield, MA. Hosted by: Newman A. and James C. Hall. Speaker: Dr. Donald R. Friary, "Tavern Punch and Punch Bowls" with slides

1982 - General Wayne Inn, Narberth, PA. Mine Host: Philip M. Watrous. Speaker: Miss Deborah Force, "Taverns in Phildelphia"

1983 - Middleton Publick Tavern, Annapolis,MD. Mine Host: William Seth Shepard. Speaker: John Douglas Hall, "Ballads and Current Events of 1783" (pronounced as of the time)

1984 - The Beekman Arms, Rhinebeck, NY. Hosted by: Emily Gardner, Helen Hotaling and Doris Sheridan. Speaker: Hon. DeWitt Schermerhorn Gurmell, "On Being the Town Character"

1985 - The Old Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, NJ. Mine Host: Howard W. Wiseman. Speaker: Ruth Knapp, "Indentured Servant in Colonial Attire"

1986 - Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, MA. Hosted by: Lois and Laurence W. L. Barrington. Speaker: Dr. Newman A. Hall, "Colonial Roads and Highways"

1987 - King George Inn, Mt. Bethel, NJ. Hosted by: Harriet and Kenn Stryker-Rodda. Speaker, Harriet Stryker-Rodda, "Colonial Inns and Taverns"

1988 - General Wayne Inn, Narberth, PA. Mine Host: Philip M. Watrous. Speaker: Dr. William Donaldson, "Philadelphia Zoological Garden"

1989 - Avon Old Farm Inn, Avon CT. Mine Hostess: Nancy Poole. Speaker, Jerome E. Anderson, "The Colonial Tavernkeeper --- What the Records Reveal (And Conceal)"[top]

1990 - New Castle Inn, New Castle, DE. Hosted by: Elaine and Johnny Johnston. Speaker: Dr. Nancy Sawin, "Taverns of Delaware"

1991 - Stockton Inn, Stockton, NJ. Mine Hostess: Virginia Adams Smith. Speaker: Marphy Goodspeed, "Early History of Hunterdon County"

1992 - The Colonial Inn, Concord, MA. Hosted by: Lynn Lubker & Barbara Rawding Smith. Speaker: Mrs. Dorothy Aronson, "The Tavernkeeper's Son, Lowell Mason"

1993 - Bird and Bottle Inn, Garrison, NY. Mine Hostess: Susan A. Hopkins. Speaker: Dr. Stephen Grove, "The Declaration of Independence - 217 Years Later"

1994 - King George II Inn, Bristol, PA. Hosted by: Richard M. Burr & Richard A. Scudder. Speaker: Harold D. Mitchener, "Early History of Bristol"

1995 - No meeting held due to lack of a Mine Host/Hostess

1996 - Old South Mountain Inn, Boonsboro, MD. Hosted by: Sandra Clunies and Donna Russell. Speaker: Raleigh Boaze, "Living History presentation" of the life of the 18th century Frederick County, MD frontier longhunter

1997 - The Griswold Inn, Essex, CT. Hosted by: Helen and Stanley Hagerman and Louise and Willard Marvin. Speaker: "The Influence of Taverns on the Revolutionary War"

1998 - The Curtis House, Woodbury, CT. Hosted by: Anne M. Vitale & Jane M. Baugh. Speaker: Johanna McBrien, "The Colonial Tavern of Capt. Isaac Tomlinson, Woodbury, CT"

1999 - Old Yarmouth Inn, Yarmouth Port, MA. Hosted by: Sara P. Baker & Ellen G. Harwood. Speaker: Jennifer Yunginger, "The Art of the Departed"

2000 - Old ‘76 House, Tappan, NY. Mine Host: John Mauk Hilliard. Speaker: A Guided Tour of Historic 17th Century De Wint House and Museum

2001 - The Sun Inn, Bethlehem, PA. Hosted by: Joyce and Louise Hutchinson. Speaker: Ron Surber, "The History of the Sun Inn" and "Bethlehem’s Moravian Founders"

2002 - The Black Horse Tavern, Mendham, NJ. Mine Host: Daniel Byram Bush. Speaker: Linda Russell playing songs of the 18th century on her dulcimers.

2003 - Robert Morris Inn, Oxford, MD. Mine Host: Bill Shepard. Speaker: renowned historian Leo Nollmeyer regales us with tales of historic Oxford. Presentation of Flagon Award to Barbara Carver Smith and David A. Ramsey and presentation of Trencher Award to thirty-five members for their services to the society. See photos of the meeting.

2004 - Red Fox Inn, Middleburg, VA. Mine Host: G. Eugene Pringle. Speaker: Vicki Moon, author of THE MIDDLEBURG MYSTIQUE: A Peek Inside the Gates of Middleburg, Virginia, talks about the cast of local characters. See the press release for her book. And see photos of the meeting.

2005 - The Pirate's House Savannah, GA. Mine Host: Todd B. D. Frary. Speaker: Carl S. Weeks talks on "Savannah in the Time of Peter Tondee." See photos of this meeting.

2006 - Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA. Mine Hosts Kirt and Barbara Adams. Speaker: Carol Williams, from the Inn's History Department, presents the history of the Inn and its grounds. See photos of this meeting.

2007 - Shield's Tavern, Williamsburg, VA. Mine Host Richard S. Austin. Speaker: Peyton Randolph reminisces about his term as president of the First Continental Congress in 1774. See photos of this meeting.

2008 - No meeting held due to lack of a Mine Host/Hostess.

2009 - Gadsby's Tavern, Alexandria, VA. Mine Hostess Sandra M. Clunies. Speaker: “Sally O’Malley – a widow of reduced circumstances working for Mr. Gadsby” (actually a museum volunteer who did a great job moving from table to table in three rooms to tell little stories about life there in 1789!). See : photos of this meeting.


2010 - Ye Olde Centerton Inn, Pittsgrove, NJ. Mine Host: Dr. George Hill; Mine Hostess: Gail Benson. Speaker: Capt. George Hill: "Commodore John Paul Jones recalling His Excellency, George Washington, and New Jersey." See : photos of this meeting.

2011 - Old Yarmouth Inn and Restaurant, Yarmouth Port, MA. Mine Host: Alex Bannerman. Speaker: David Downs: "Marvelous Amusing Quack Medicine Show", a program involving colonial life in New England.

2012 - City Tavern, Phildelphia, PA. Mine Hostess: Gail V. Benson Mine Host: David M Ramsey. Speaker: Bill Robling as Benjamin Franklin: "Life, Libation and the Pursuit of Happiness" See : photos of this meeting.

2013 - White Horse Tavern, Newport, RI. Mine Host: Alex Bannerman. Speakers: Tom Macy and Patricia Bridgman: "Love letters: The Intimate Correspondence of John and Abigail Adams" See : photos of this meeting.

2013 - White Horse Tavern, Newport, RI. Mine Host: Alex Bannerman. Speakers: Tom Macy and Patricia Bridgman: "Love letters: The Intimate Correspondence of John and Abigail Adams" See : photos of this meeting.

2014 and 2015 - no meetings due to a lack of venues or volunteers to plan our annual functions.

2016 - Griswold Inn, Essex, CT. Mine Hostess: Carol Wilder-Tamme.

2017 - Stage House Inn, Scotch Plains, NJ. Mine Hosts: Jack Idenden and Richard Peterson


Some Meeting Statistics

Location of meetings (from North to South)

062 548 814 130 01

Three meetings were held at the General Wayne Inn of Narberth, PA (1973, 1982 and 1988). Two meetings were held at the King George Inn of Bethel, NJ (1975 and 1987).

Seven people have been host or cohost twice: Dr. Kenn Stryker-Rodda (1965, 1987), Elizabeth Hubert (1965, 1974), Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. (1967, 1973), Philip M. Watrous (1982, 1988), William Seth Shepard (1983, 2003), Gail Verderamo Benson (2010, 2012) and Alex Bannerman (2011, 2013).

Harriet Stryker-Rodda was the speaker twice (1974 and 1987).

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