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The society has been in existence for over forty years and has grown from initial charter group of twenty to over a thousand members. Yet, through all this time and growth, it has been led by a very small cadre of officers. He we pay tribute to those who have contributed so much to the Society.

Keeper of the Tavern Records (i.e., President & Registrar)
1965 - 1987 Kenn Stryker-Rodda
1987 - 2002 Barbara Carver Smith
2002 - 2010 James Kevin Raywalt
2010 - now Alexander N. Bannerman (name changed from JKR)
The Scribe (i.e., Recording Secretary)
1965 - 1975 Richard S. R. Hubert
1975 - now  David A. Ramsey
Mine Host
Given in the meeting history
Minder of the P's and Q's (i.e., Treasurer)
1965 - 1975 Elizabeth B. Hubert
1976 - 1980 Betsy Barker
1980 - now   vacant

Updated 17 November 2010.