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This provides you with an opportunity to order Flagon and Trencher merchandise, update your mailing (both USPS and e-mail) information and give us some general advice and suggestions.

At long last, Volume 13 of Flagon & Trencherís Taverner Biography booklets is completed and ready for distribution.

If you don't want to order anything, just skip that portion, fill in the identification part. Also give us your comments.

If you do want to order items, enter the quantities wanted for each and fill in the identification part and comments part. While anyone may order most of our publications, obviously only members may order an insignia pin. Note: do not have leading zeros in a non-zero quantity field - at present it does not handle such correctly!

This is not a secure, on-line, shopping cart. Use your browser's Print button to print the screen. Write a check payable to Flagon and Trencher for the total amount and mail with the printout to:

Mr. Alexander N. Bannerman
1716 Bigley Avenue
Charleston, WV 25302-3938

Checks should be made payable to Flagon and Trencher.

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Please scroll back up and verify all your information - we don't have any heavy-duty error checking process at work. Next print the form using your browser's Print button, address an envelope, enclose your check and the print-out and put it in the USPS mail.

Remember: with most correspondence enclose an SASE! The only exception is for orders of biography volumes — the purchase price includes the envelope and postage for these items.

Please note that one item requires a large Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE): Taverner List (9" x 12" SASE with two ounces of postage attached)

Consult the post office for current rates - we can not update this page as often as they change rates!

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